22/12 – 24/12 Mollymook, NSW

I stayed at the Beachhouse Mollymook.   The Beachhouse is a simple fairly plain motel in a great location, Mollymook beach is across the street.  As I was unpacking, I looked up out my window and saw a rainbow as bright as they come, over the beach.  I don’t know what it is about rainbows, but they just make me feel like I’m at the right place at the right time.  Like a strange award in the game of life.  Ding. Ding. Ding. You’ve made it to your next correct destination!

Mollymook is about 40 minutes from Jervis Bay and Hyams Beach.  As I was plagued with unfortunate weather, my first day in the area was mostly touring by car.   I spent some time at Mollymook beach taking in the rainbow, then headed out to Hyams Beach.   Hayms Beach is a white sand beach, considered one of the “must see” beaches in the area.  I had all these grand plans to walk the beach, swim and take in  the sites.   Mother Nature decided that was not happening.  A downpour unmatched by any I had witnessed since arriving in Australia met me as soon as I found a place to park.   Even ducking into Hayms Beach Store and Cafe for a cup of coffee was out of the question.  I was afraid my little car might get swept away.  Instead I just turned up the radio, sat back, enjoyed the sound of the rain and watched the storm roll in.

I spent the next morning at Murray’s Beach, which is inside Booderee National Park.   There was an $8 fee to enter Booderee, however the permit is good for 48 hours.  Ask any Australian to name their top 5 favorite beaches and a good portion of them will name Jervis Bay.  I expected Jervis Bay to be a large bay with a large beach.  Jervis bay is an enormous bay, with several beaches.  The main beaches are Green patch Beach, Murray’s Beach, Steamers head Beach and Cave Beach.

I had no idea which was the best to explore, so I blindly picked Murray beach.  There are signs to each of the beaches when you get in the park, they are each a bit of a drive past the entrance.   Don’t be shocked when the sign tells you your chosen destination is still several kilometers away.

The weather was sill a bit grey when I arrived at Murray Beach, but I could see clear skies in the distance.  I decided to find a place near a tree and settle in for a read.   Before I knew it, the beach started to fill up.  People came out of no where.  By noon the beach was quite full, the sun was shining, people were snorkeling and splashing about in the water.   I made the classic tourist error and forgot to “slip, slap, slop” better known as apply and reapply sunscreen.   I suffered the consequences for days afterwards. (so don’t make my mistake)  A gentleman found a seat in the sand not far from me and began playing the ukulele, setting the ambiance to “perfect”.   I was beyond content.   It was Christmas Eve, the weather had cooperated, I found my own piece of heaven on earth.   I had intentions of checking out the other beaches, but sometimes you just need to acknowledge perfection, sit and appreciate that moment, and let other plans evaporate.

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