28/12 – 30/12  Byron Bay, NSW

There's a ton to do in Byron Bay, lots of food, great night life, tons of daytime activities. I don't recommend going over the holiday's as I did.  It was jam packed, making getting around a bit challenging.  Every beach was packed, no parking anywhere.  If you do go over the holidays, plan early!  Hotels fill up quickly.  The rest of the year, the population is much lower making the town more manageable.  Regardless of the temporary overpopulation, Byron Bay is wonderful!

Like most coastal areas in Australia, Byron Bay houses one stunning beach after another.  The Main Beach is exactly what is sounds like.  It's located right in town, a short walk from all the restaurant and shop filled streets.  There's a large parking lot ($4.00), playground, public toilets, showers, bbq area and it's also a great place for beginner surfers! Main beach is patrolled every day of the year by the Australian Lifeguard Service.  At night, if you are lucky there will be a large drum circle, don't miss it.

Just North of Main Beach, beyond the seawall is "The Wreck".   This is a popular surf location, named after the protruding shipwreck of the SS Wollongbar.  The wreck creates a series of sand bars that result swells ideal for surfing. The wreck also creates an interesting location to explore with a mask and snorkel.

My favorite beach was Wategos Beach. It's small, less crowded, there were a few surfers providing for some great people watching.   I spent a sunrise here, there's a great hike, a 3.7 km loop that takes about 2 hours to complete. The track meanders through rainforest and over cliff tops providing stunning views of the ocean.

The iconic Bryon Bay lighthouse is not far from Wategos and overlooks Main Beach.    Cape Byron Lighthouse was constructed in 1901, and is now fully automated no longer requiring keepers.  The lighthouse keepers cottages now empty, have been restored and are now used to house guests.  It's a short drive or a long walk to the light house from Main Beach, either way, it's a must see.

Now restaurants, where do you even start?  Byron Bay is full of talented chefs, fun eateries, and unique eats.    I started out with Mexican, and I'm not going to lie, I went here more than once, it was so good. Miss Margaritas.  Bloody Mary's (Vodka, mezcal, tomato juice, spices, lime & a little chilli) are top notch, Tacos (Pulled pork, caramelized pineapple, rocket, ranchero relish & jalapeños), Jalapeño Poppers (Jalapeños stuffed with sour cream & guacamole - crumbed & fried) and guacamole - delicious!    If you are looking for a healthy, quality meal with a side of tiny adventure, try The Farm.  The farm is an actual working farm. Chickens, cows, horses and pigs roam the acreage.   A few of them even have been made mascots, such as Bobby the Rooster.  Not only food can be purchased here, but there are also adult workshops, activities for children and tours for all.  There's a restaurant on site and a bakery.   Food is acquired locally, . organically sourced, and superbly delivered.  YUM!     If you are looking for something a bit quicker the falafels at Orgasmic Falafel are excellent!

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