Asheville, North Carolina

May 19, 2016

I had never even heard of Asheville, North Caroline before receiving a text from a friend to come hang out there for a few days.   I looked it up on the map, saw that it was within driving distance to Lexington, KY (which I was scheduled to be at that same Friday).  Opened up and checked flights, less than $200 from NYC.  Perfect.  Booked my flight to Asheville and in return I ended up being exposed to a great little Southern City!

* Quaint little town with a very artsy feel to it (population 87,000)
* Tons of farm to table dining (the food was delicious)
* Lots of activities and sights to see, easy to make a full weekend or even week here
* Stunning views of as Asheville is located between the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains
* Many fun outdoor areas to eat and drink
* Craft beer everywhere (more breweries than any city in America)
* Hiker's paradise
* Easy to get around, trolleys, taxies and even bike taxies

* Considering how small the town is, this is on the more expensive side
* In summer and fall months, influx of tourists can be heavy
* Very high humidity in the summer

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