I'm a long time loyal customer, and with this company loyalty pays off. I have been a long time member of the Rewards program, and can't even tell you how many free nights I've received. Every ten nights you book through, you receive one night free. takes the average of the ten nights, that total is then on your account for you to use on a future booking. This has saved me many many many Ben Franklins!

I've also had issues with hotels, and called regarding the issues, and been given a credit for the night. There is also a superior cancelation policy, you can cancel up to 24 hours prior to your visit. You must select that option when booking, and in most cases there is not a premium to make that selection. I LOVE this! My plans change frequently, and having that flexibility is priceless.

I cannot say enough about their customer service team. Simply put, it is SUPERIOR. I've never once, hung up the phone angry when calling their team. Please keep in mind, I'm also respectful of all companies I do business with, I read the agreements, I do not call them demanding something when I made a mistake. However, I have made mistakes, called, explained the issue and had them resolve, to my complete satisfaction and sometimes above and beyond. Of all the recommendations of companies I can give you - this is probably the one I will cheer on the most.

Another site, that I've been using a long time is

Only recently did I find out, they have this AWESOME search tool, that allows you to enter just the departing City.

You know what that means??

If you want to go somewhere, anywhere, but you need to find a cheap flight, you can use this tool, called Kayak Buzz.

You enter your City and what month you want to travel, on the map price tags start popping up.

And you guessed it...those are flights. You can then pick your destination by the cost of the flight.



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