Recommended Restaurants (Paladars):

Recommended Restaurants (Paladars):

This was by far the best restaurant we visited.  First of all, it's stunning.  And not in an STK, Tao overly developed, but still jaw dropping way.  In a crumbling, historic, dusty, secretive way.   You enter into, you guessed it a crumbling building and make your way up several flights of stairs, to a lavish restaurant.  Never would have seen that coming as you being your journey into this building.  The lighting is yellow, and everything is historic.   The food is top notch.  The best I had on my trip.  Ask to be seated near a balcony, as the restaurant is quite packed and the balcony has a bit more room than the rest of the layout.  After dinner head up a few more deserted floors to a modern stunning rooftop for a nightcap and a Cuban Cigar.  That is a memory that will never leave you.

There is a lot of hype to this Paladar, but it's worth it.  You can to see Cuba!  This is Cuba.  The historical decor, a home that has been opened to the public.  A unique experience, you are not going to forget.  Pricing is reasonable, food is also reasonable, it can get quite crowded, but regardless, the experience is worth it.

  • La Taberna
  • This is where the Bueno Vista Social Club events are held, dinner is served or can be served with your ticket to the show. We just had drinks, as we ate elsewhere.

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