Rock the Clock

Rock the Clock, Camperdown

October 18 -21, 2018


* Live Music
* Food
* Dancing
* Classic Cars
* 50's style clothing
* Drive in Movie

The Adventure:

Chalk this up to another "I had no idea this existed" moment.  Turns out there are groups of people that dress in 50's style clothes, take 50's style dance lessons and travel all over Australia to these events.  They all seem to know each other, they all look AMAZING!  And they are all having a blast!  These events seem to transform small towns into a weekend from the past.  Old classic cars crawl all over the country side and line the main streets.   Live rockabilly music draws crowds of people dressed in classic 50's clothing who bust out classic moves to this classic music.

The event in Camperdown, was in it's second successful year.   The third year  in 2019 (October 24-27) has been confirmed.   Camperdown is located about 2 and 1/2 hours outside of Melbourne and has a population 2,938.  Every Sunday for 5 weeks before the event, Camperdown holds dance lessons.   How much more can you encourage your community to get involved?

Must Do:

* Take the Rock and Roll dance lessons
* Dance!

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