Travel Check List

Pre-Departure Tasks

Obtain or renew passport and/or order extra visa pages if your passport is getting full Evaluate and obtain trip cancellation, baggage, and medical insurance
Consult with physician for immunizations and prescription medicine recommendations
Break in primary footwear


Lightweight hiking boots or comfortable athletic or walking shoes
Extra shoes or sandals, preferably something that can get wet and muddy Comfortable, quick-dry lightweight slacks
Nicer slacks or skirt (optional)
Quick-dry lightweight long-sleeve shirt
Quick-dry t-shirts or short-sleeve shirts
Sweater or sweatshirt
Light jacket and/or windbreaker
Heavy jacket if traveling in colder climate
Rain gear — poncho or jacket
Sun hat or cap with wide brim
Swim suit

Personal Items

Sunblock (waterproof, high SPF) Lip balm with SPF
Insect repellent with DEET content Toilet paper/tissue
Two spare passport photos (in case of lost passport) Wristwatch and/or travel clock
Sunglasses (with strap, case)
Extra eyeglasses/contacts
Money belt or pouch for valuables
Small flashlight with extra batteries
Copies of all important documents
Day pack (can also serve as an airline carry-on bag)Soft duffel with shoulder strap or durable suitcase
Luggage tags
Ziploc-type bags for packing shampoo or other liquids
Stuff sacks or plastic bags for organizing inside luggage (also useful for dirty laundry) Thread, needles, safety pins for minor repairs
Small, packable umbrella Envelopes for tips

Personal First Aid Kit

Aspirin or other pain killer
Cold relief tablets, antihistamine, cough drops Bandaids, gauze pads, tweezers
Prescription medicines
Aloe gel or lotion in case of sunburn Anti-diarrhea medicine
Antibiotic cream/ointment
Supply of feminine hygiene items
Motion sickness tablets

Essential Items For Your Carry-On Bag 

International e-ticket receipts
Money and credit cards (Note: traveler’s checks may not be accepted at many places)
Copies of all important documents
Insurance certificates
Immunization certificate (International Vaccination Certificate, a fold-up yellow card)
Address and telephone number of emergency contact
Prescription medicines
Extra set of underclothes
Toiletries in small leak-proof bottles, 3 oz or less, placed in an airline-regulated quart-sized plastic bag Camera gear, film, and other valuables

Optional Items

Address book, writing paper or journal, pen/pencil
Small washcloth
Wet wipes/moist towelettes and Kleenex
Favorite snack foods (pre-packaged)
Phrase book (Spanish), map, guide book, or other reading material related to the trip; can be ordered through Amazon

Camera Equipment

Camera body
Wide angle lenses
Medium lenses
Long focus lenses
Lens extenders
Bag for all camera gear
Bag for light location traveling with bodies accessories
Lens belt
Camera straps for ease of changing from one camera to another
Memory cards
Charger, battery and SPARE battery
Fisheye lens
Silica bags for moisture (to protect camera equipment)
Video camera
Remote control (and extra batteries, all cords if not cordless)
White balance systems
Cloths for drying camera gears
Dust cleaning kits
Lens cleaning cloths
Rain/dust covers for cameras and lenses
Graduated filter set
Filter holder
Adapting rings for filter holder
High quality polarizing filter
Rain/dust covers for cameras and lenses
Hoodmann loop
Sturdy but lightweight tripod for Camera-lens combination
Ball head
Extra base plates
Allen wrench for plates and ball head
Cable release
Small light to view camera settings in low light and to focus on
European Standard power converters
Laptop computer
Raw processing software (Lightroom and/or Photoshop)
Card reader
External drives, sturdy for traveling with (for originals and/or backups)
USB key to exchange images