Zermatt, Switzerland

December 27, 2014 - January 03, 2015

* Traffic free, aside from he golf cart sized city vehicles
* Massive ski area, also linked with Cervinia in Italy.  This means you can ski in Switzerland and Italy on the same day.
* Food was unbelievable.  Best pizza I've ever had.  We ate it three times it was so good.
* Nightlife was decent, there are clubby places and chill places to just sit and drink beer
* People were friendly, most spoke English, some French and German
* No vehicles allowed in Zermatt, so there's only one way to get there!  By Train! 
* Sprawling old mountain village
Igloos!  Stay a night up on the mountain in an Igloo!  We did and loved it!

* Very expensive
* Lift lines in the morning are scary crowded, no lines, just a mass of pushy people
* I didn't notice any ski in ski out options.  Hence the crazy crowded lift line.
* Conditions can change quickly and weather can be a challenge

Other Things to Do:
* Helicopter sight seeing flights around the Matterhorn
* Cross country skiing
* Scenic winter walking trails,
* Cable car trip up to the top of the Klein Matterhorn is also popular to explore the ice museum glacial caves

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Preparing for a trip to Switzerland:

  • Passports
  • Passports are required to enter Switzerland

    Must have at least six months vaidity beyond your planned date of departure.

    Keep a copy of the photo page of your passport in a separate, safe place while traveling

    Carry extra passport photos in case you need to apply for a quick replacement

    Travelers may be required to show their passports at all airports, train stations, and hotels


    • Visas
    • Visas are not required for citizens of the US, for stays under 90 days


       The currency in Livingo is the Swiss Franc (CHF)

    • Health, Immunizations
    • Immunizations are not required for entry, at this time.

       Center for Disease Control and Prevention 

    • Time Difference
    •  Switzerland is on Central European Time (CET)

    • Electricity

    For the most part, electrical sockets (outlets) in Switzerland (the Swiss Confederation) are their own standard, the "Type J" Swiss SEV 1011. Also reported to be in use is the "Type C" European CEE 7/16 Europlug. If your appliance's plug doesn't match the shape of these sockets, you will need a travel plug adapter in order to plug in. Travel plug adapters simply change the shape of your appliance's plug to match whatever type of socket you need to plug into. If it's crucial to be able to be able to plug in no matter what, bring an adapter for both types.

    Electrical Plug/Outlet Voltage

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